Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why is Mowe-Ofada going to be hot

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1) Number one thing working for m.o is the hype, there are other virgin areas elsewhere but you can't compare the hype m.o is enjoying from the media. This will help her to grow very fast.

2) Easy accessibility to lagos is also one factor that is helping m.o

3)Interest- A lot of people are asking for land in that area.

4)Vehicular movement/ human traffic-people likes busy area the numbers of vehicle and human traffic passing through the expressway that link m.o to Lagos will help her to grow faster.

5)Churches are acquiring very big lands in m.o. And churches generates a lot of traffic especially on sundays and days of convention, businesses will sell and more people will resettle in this area.

6)Good express road- The road is a dual carriageway and is good to ply, good road is inportant and this will also help m.o

7)Estate trends- When estates are mapped out they are usually well planned and design, this is what most areas in lagos lacks. A big number of estates are springing up and also been allocated in m.o. These estates will attract people when others areas have been overbuilt.

8)One major one. You can't find large areas of land in lagos again that is close to what you have in mowe ofada.


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