Monday, October 8, 2007

Where and how to get affordable lands in and around Lagos. and how smart investors are making Quick Profit from it.

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Affordable lands are usually in the outskirts and less prime areas. Mostly areas where you have the less affluent, though in these places due to influx of large numbers of people, houses are rising at an astronomical prices and is becoming increasingly difficult controlling their prices.
These are some areas, usually spreading between two or more towns. Ipaja - Ayobo to Ota Ogun State Ipaja - Command to Ota Ogun State Ikorodu to Sagamu stretch Mowe, Ofada, Ibafo stretch to Sagamu Ogun State Agbara - Atan Ota Ogun State.
In all these areas, developments are growing with the speed of light, virtually on daily basis Omo Onile sits under trees and transacts businesses with people that are daily thronging in to look for land.
In ancient world, most towns grew because of the affiliations for religious structures that dots the landscape, people take refuge around these buildings and they serve as spiritual and psychological succour to people around the area. These religious buildings are usually monumental and takes strategic positions in growth of such towns. Now we can see same happenings right now with the advents of Big religious organisations, churches in the outskirts of Lagos, far notable among them are Winners Cannanland in Ota, Ogun State, Redeem Christian Church of God, along Lagos - Ibadan Expressway, Deeper Life, Christ Assembly Campground, NASFAT and many others.
People daily goes to these places to partake in one religious program or the other, hence the traffic to these places are usually very high from Lagos and this helps in commercial growth of these places, we now have building material merchants restaurants, gifts and other sourvenirs being sold in millions, land prices are getting higher, real estate investors in these places are making profits, residence of these places are making money from selling virtually anything because of high volume of traffic.
Again, these areas serve as access routes to other towns, in case of Winners Cannaland Ota the road linking it ends in Idiroko, Ogun State a Nigerian border town leading to Benin republic. The Lagos - Ibadan Expressway is also connecting Sagamu and these routes leads to other parts of the country through roads, Abuja Federal Capital City, the eastern states, the north and the rest of the south.
The socio-economic growth of these towns in no distants future will make more millionaires in few other smart real estate investors, you need to be physically present in these places and witness the growth yourself.
Many property valuers are now giving out such opportunities.


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